New Mexico Ornithological Society

Bird Records Committee Members

Formation of the New Mexico Bird Records Committee (NMBRC) was initiated in 1992. The Committee commenced operations in 1994 with the drafting of an initial Review List and the circulation of records of birds. The committee is currently composed of a secretary and six at-large members. The secretary serves an unlimited term, and the six at-large members each serve six-year staggered terms, that is, each year, one member cycles off the committee and a new member is selected to fill the empty seat. Members of the committee are selected after discussion among the secretary and the current at-large members.

Members for 2016

Matthew J. Baumann
William H. Howe
William E. Maley
Jerry R. Oldenettel
John Parmeter
Barry R. Zimmer
Sartor O. Williams III, Secretary